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Alternative Provision

At Cornwall Life Recycle, we aim to not only grant bicycles a new lease on life but also to offer Alternative Provision for youths facing challenges in conventional education. Our objective is to establish a supportive and nurturing atmosphere by working closely with schools to develop customized programs, whether on-site or within the school premises. This approach empowers these young individuals to thrive and achieve success. 

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Affordable Alternative Provision for Youth

Supportive Environment: We provide alternative provision for young people struggling in traditional education.

Tailored Programs: Collaborating with schools and parents, we create tailored programs, fostering personal growth and success.

On-site Workshop Programs: Our workshops provide a nurturing space for young individuals to shine and succeed.


Partnership with The Cornwall Bicycle Project

Riding Development: Our collaboration offers a range of bicycle riding development activities.

Inclusive Riding Experiences: From learning to ride on and off-road to mountain bike adventures, BMX racing, and adaptive cycling for those with disabilities.

Personal Development: Time in the workshop and on cycling adventures enhances personal, social, and emotional skills, resilience, and overall well-being.

Education and Certification

Tailored Curriculum: Bespoke programs align with school curriculum, producing AQA unit awards in cycle restoration, health and fitness, teamwork, and life skills.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards: Pupils reference our project in completing Duke of Edinburgh awards.

British Cycling: Young Volunteer Qualifications


Professional Team

Qualified Staff: Our team comprises qualified mechanics, coaches, and safeguarding-trained professionals.

DBS Checked: All staff undergo DBS checks to ensure the safety of the individuals we work with.

Trauma-Informed Staff: Our staff, including Trauma Informed UK Practitioners, are experienced in working with individuals with diverse childhood and life experiences.


Flexible Locations

Fully Equipped Workshops: We have fully equipped teaching workshops in Camborne and St Austell

On-site Programs: We can bring our programs to your site or venue, subject to a risk assessment.

Cycling Across Cornwall: Cycling activities can be conducted at various locations across Cornwall.


Bicycle Recycling

Community Donations: We rely on bicycle donations from the community to fuel our mission.

Skilled Mechanics: Our dedicated mechanics meticulously dismantle and rebuild bikes, ensuring they are in top condition.

Landfill Waste Reduction: Our goal is to minimize landfill waste by revitalizing bicycles and offering quality, affordable options.

If you would like more information or to speak to someone about our customizable 6 week programs tailored to the individual or forward referral form please contact 01209 697170 or


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